Welcome to Tales from the Trails!

Welcome to the official Blog of Mindful Trails Counseling: Tales from the Trails! It is my intention and hope to use this little cyberspace as a means to share with the counseling community (both consumers and professionals alike) lessons learned on my journey to becoming a professional counselor and starting a private practice...as well as lessons learned on the path to becoming a more fulfilled and mindfully present human being. Today's short lesson to share is this (spoken and in part dedicated to the experience of FINALLY publishing my website today, a task that was a LONG time coming and continues to be a work in progress):

There is no achievement worth pursuing that will be without its stuggle, hardship, and sacrifice along the way. That said, the beauty, and the wonder, richness, and joy will also be found in the journey as well, more so than the actual acomplishment itself. Don't miss the good stuff that lives beside the bad. It resides in the now, within the struggle,within the moments of striving. The moment of achievment is but just that...a fleeting second in time, gone as fast as it came.

Mindful trails to you and enjoy the ride.

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