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Mission and Service Areas/Specialties

Have you struggled to find meaning in your life or have you been taken into the grips of saddness, hopelessness and depression? Do you suffer from anxious thoughts and feelings that cause you to avoid valued areas of your life?  Have you had difficulty recovering intimacy and connection in your love relationships or have you been wounded by your intimate partner? Have  you suffered a loss or have past wounds resurfaced into your life causing heartache? Do you find that your thoughts are consumed by past experiences or by future fears?  If so, counseling, and mindfulness based therapies in particular may be the right fit you.


With Mindful Trails Counseling (MTC), my mission is help people discover a more present and heart-guided experience on the trails of our lives, allowing for vitality and joy to replace the fears, suffering and anxieties that often lead us off our path. I utilize mindfulness and somatic, body based therapies in assisting clients on this journey.

At MTC, I am able to offer both professional counseling services that take place in an office setting, and/or equine assisted psychotherapy (EAP). EAP utilizes horses experientially in the therapy process as "co-therapists" and takes place in a barn/arena setting.

As a Marriage and Family Therapist, I have specialized training working with couples around various issues. I primarily work with individuals and couples where there is suffering in:

  • trauma/PTSD

  • grief/bereavement and loss

  • anxiety or depression

  • life transition or spiritual struggle

  • couples, relationship issues, communication and conflict management

I also have extensive experience working with the unique issues of Veterans and military couples/families including the role of combat PTSD in a marriage and post-deployment reintegration issues.

​I invite you to call and schedule a free 30 minute in office consultation with no pressure to contract for services. Thank you and mindful trails to you.​